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System management

The company establishes, implements, maintains and continuously improves the environmental management system according to requirements of ISO9001 international standards, including required processes and their interactions, and enhances environmental performance of the company through management by objectives.

In order to stably provide products that satisfy requirements of clients and interested parties, the company makes use of various management methods to identify processes required for building up the management system (including the management process and the product realization process); through identifying these processes, the company confirms interactions among these processes, reasonably arranges sequences for these processes, so as to successfully reach results of the process planning and makes the processes to reach the expected objectives or requirements.

The company definitely regulates inputs, outputs, implemented activities and devoted resources of the processes, and gives criteria and methods for controlling the management system, including procedure regulations, working process, production process, management plans for quality acceptance standards and working instructions, etc.; and at the same time, the company realizes monitoring the realization process for each product through obtaining sufficient and necessary information and the information judgment.

Through measuring and analyzing each process information, the company implements necessary corrective actions to the process that causes unqualified products and non-conforming items on basis of the analysis result, and finally realizes the planned result for the process and continuously improves the process.

Since passing ISO9001 environmental management system certification in 2000, the company currently maintains the ISO9001:2015 management system certificate.


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