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System management

According to international standard - OHSAS18001, considering internal and external environment where the company located, the company has established, implemented, maintained and is improving occupational health and safety management system, including required processes and their mutual effect, in order to improve occupational health and safety performance of the company through management by objectives (MBO).

The company carries out safety policy of “Safety First, Precautions Crucial, Treatment Comprehensive” and performs principal responsibilities for safe production to eliminate fatal accident, avoid and reduce ordinary accident, and ensure safety of employees’ life and property. According to applicable laws and regulations, such as Safe Production Law, Safe Production Management Regulations, combined with practice, the company has established safe production target and assessment provisions. The company will also measure and monitor operation of the system, and assess measured result, to facilitate its continuous improvement.

The company identifies hazard sources and evaluates their risk level for ranking and effective control and to achieve compliance with national laws and regulations. The company will always insist on people-oriented principle and regard life safety and health of the people as start and destination of all emergency response plans to minimize human casualty and harm incurred by accident and ensure safety of employees’ life and corporate property.

The company has accomplished the certification of OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system in 2014, and currently, has certificates of OHSAS18001:2007 management system.

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